elizabeth martinez


Handcrafted enamel pins made in conjunction with a promotional poster submitted for Japan Day 2017.


Art Director: Gary Benzel

Category: Metalwork


To create a series of enamel pins in conjunction with a poster submission for Japan Day’s annual art contest in New York. Guidelines for the contest were to make a poster that incorporated New York, Central Park, and Japan altogether.

Whenever I have the opportunity to use my background in metalworking for a project, I'm ecstatic. I chose three elements from the poster to create pins from and resized the vectors to .75” high. Afterward, I used the vectors as a guideline to saw the shapes out of 20-gauge copper and layered a base coat of white enamel on each piece. From there, I applied cloisonné wire for the tiny details and filled the pieces with the closest enamel color I could find and fired each individual pin at 1290˚. Each pin had silver wire soldered onto the back and can be fastened with a tie tack.

progress, blossom
monster enamel pin close up sparkle handmade
handmade enamel pins building tree monster japan day 2017 blossom submission zoomed out view