elizabeth martinez


Exhibition identity for Student Craft 2018: Form and Function, Mingei International Museum

cute vector illustration animated identity pattern alphabet


Art Director: Alexis O'Banion

Category: Exhibition Identity

student craft 2018: form and function

To create a new identity and accompanying print collateral for Mingei International Museum’s Student Craft 2018 - Form and Function exhibition. This exhibition showcases work created by high school students across San Diego County during the 2017-2018 school year. Submissions included objects that ranged from clay, metal, wood, fiber, and textile that served a functional purpose.

One of the struggles I faced with this identity was that I had to create the mark without knowledge of the submitted work. The typeface Nebula was chosen because I felt that it communicated form through the way parts of the letters come into the front and behind. Additionally, the way the letters end with differing strokes was reminiscent of how textiles end with thread as well as the way ceramic artists throw bowls on wheels.  While I couldn't predict what the submissions would be, I thought finding a typeface that could depict form and hint at the craft would be the best solution.

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