elizabeth martinez


A packaging project where the user can create an endless array of objects by combining clear plexiglass pieces together; a more contemporary take on legos.


Art Director: Beth Weeks, Patricia Cue

Category: Packaging


To create a reusable package where the product can interact with the container its housed in.

Instead of having the package and the product interact with each other, I decided to have them be one of the same. An example necklace made out of lasercut bronze plexiglass is provided with the container and the container itself is multiple pieces of clear plexiglass combined together to resemble a box. The material measures 1/8” thick and the notches are the exact width for the shapes to fit together. Holes are drilled in select pieces and a leather cord is provided with every package to give endless options to the user. The product is targeted towards teenagers and adults who enjoy building objects and wearing unique, bold jewelry.