elizabeth martinez


Passion project inspired by Tokidoki, San-x, and Sanrio


Category: Branding, Vector Illustration

Art Director: Gary Benzel


Growing up, I loved being surrounded and adorned with cute things. From the Hello Kitty backpacks I had throughout elementary school to the Rilakkuma pencil I have used for the past five years, I've had a long love affair with brands such as San-X, Sanrio, and Tokidoki. These companies have continued to be a constant inspiration to me because of their ability to create merchandise using the same characters in unique ways through stationery, buttons, plushies, and more.

WELP! is a passion project I have wanted to develop since I was nine. The idea of creating art that people could wear and use was the driving factor behind my career choice. I wanted to make something that my childhood self would be enamored with. WELP! consists of a bear, bunny, and fox that wear flowers atop their head—their color palette and flower changes according to season. Eyes are a trademark of my work so it comes as no surprise that a (sparkly) eye can be seen in the center of every flower. Buttons, stickers, postcards, and a calendar were created as merchandise. 

progress, WELP!
buttons and stickers, WELP!
jeanette pinning button, welp!